Dildo Maker

Invented in 1933 by the famous french designer Raymond Loewy, this pencil sharpener became an icon of the stream line movement. Loewy was one of the first designer to introduce sensual lines in everyday products. From a world of craftsmanship and functionality we entered in a world of desire and seduction.

In this new era designers were assign a new mission. A good product is not only an object build with quality, an efficient product, a product with a good price or nor even beautiful looking . A good product has to create emotions. Marketing, advertising …and the design itself has to communicate emotions to the customers in order to buy this product and bring him the best user experience.

In 2013, Francesco Morackini introduces the Dildomaker, from the “tools” series. Playing around with the cliche: “Sex sells” The Dildomaker’s purpose is to provide users with what they really want: “Pleasure,” moreover, “sexual pleasure”. The Dildomaker is “just a tool” which, in and of itself, does not directly give pleasure. The distance created here, Morackini attests, is deliberate and purposeful. The intention is for this product to “raise questions regarding our (inter)personal relationships and manufactured products.

Offering an almost limitless choice of creations, the Dildomaker is very easy to use. Create your dildo as you would sharpen your pencil. TIP: All soft material should be frozen before sharpening!

by Francesco Morackini